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About Bryan

Bryan is a fourth generation Kansan. Born and raised in north Wichita, he is the son of a public school teacher and traveling salesman.

Bryan is an Eagle Scout and attended Wichita North High School. He moved to Washington, DC to study political science at The Catholic University of America, and returned to Wichita in 1994 to pursue a Masters degree at Wichita State.

Bryan’s career has been wide-ranging, working in political consulting, constituent advocacy, and most recently in conservative media. He also owned his own small business for over six years.

Bryan lives in Manhattan where his immediate family resides. Bryan and his partner Mark recently celebrated 15 years together and have a rescue dog, Matty.

Bryan is a dynamic conservative voice for Republicans and will make Washington, DC work for all Kansans.


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Secure the Party's Future

The Republican Party needs to embrace, nominate, and elect new and interesting voices. Diversity among constitutional conservatives is the key to the Party’s long-term viability and electoral success.

Save the Senate

The Democrats have a plan, and it is to use a Democratic Senate majority as a rubber stamp for progressive House Democratic ideas that are outside the mainstream of American life.

Reassert Congressional Power

The Congress has ceded too much power to the Executive Branch and the Courts. Issues of the day should be resolved by the American people through their elected representatives in Congress. Congress must reassert itself as the First Among Equals branch of our government.